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The Urdu Subtitles for Kurulus Osman Season 3 will be released in October 2021, and intvpak will work on the Urdu Subtitles for Osman Season Three intv . I’m hoping this is the final bite. Hopefully. Hopefully. What’s going on with you? Hey! Are you all right? Do you hear what I’m saying? Thank you so much, my buddy. For both your ayran and your attire. Will you return in this state? You are now free to go. Let’s talk with Kurulus Osman Season 3 In Urdu Subtitles in tv pak . See where the first time was. Who is it, exactly? Do you know where Osman Bey is for the first time? Your father is Erturul Gazi for the first time. With the election of the new gentleman, Osman became Kayi’s lord.

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Dündar and the prosecutor Are you taken aback? Of course not, Peter. Dündar Bey had misled the Prosecutor in this way. Mr. Dundar is also to the prosecutor. From time to time, Osman has transformed into a gentleman. Peter, what’s on your mind? Two birds were killed by a single stone. Perhaps three or five. We will not only place a stone to throw a shadow on Osman’s reputation, but we will also provide a chance for Dundar to infiltrate through the crevices. Well? We’ll persuade Dundar to work with us. How? That is my responsibility, brother. Season three

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Helen, they make an effort. They’ll give it their all. Allow them to try. What if Flatyos are capable of kidnapping him? Helen, they make an effort. They make an effort. They could have stabbed someone in the Kay Obsession, I just thought. Helen, of course. Certainly. They certainly can. They sting anybody they choose. You may be confident that there are guys in this fortress. But it isn’t the point. What are these folks up to, exactly? That is precisely the objective. This is something I need to learn. It’s also significant that they arrived here during the principality election.

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The post is passed on. Is it only a matter of changing hands? Of course, there are other things. So that’s why they came here, along with a few other things. As a result, Turks are also involved in shady dealings. My temper is dry, to say the least. I like doing clandestine business as well. There is a secret, Osman Bey. It’s such a well-kept secret that only you will be aware of it. No one else will be aware of the situation. That is why the initial visit to Erturul Gazi’s relics is necessary. Bams Bey, didn’t we get all the treasures today? Osman Bey, these are additional artifacts.